We are excited to announce the launch of 5Thumbs’ newly designed website – www.5thumbs.sg!

Our goal with this new designed website is document our journey while we are doing food or product reviews, sharing new tutorial recipes and even latest movie premieres! We have  a dedicated directory especially  for our  business partners and infotainment news for our loyal followers. We welcome all business owners to list your business on our site for free!! Simply fill in the form here and give us about 3 working days to confirm and contact you and it will be up on our site.

Just an introduction on who are we:- We are a team of fun individuals. Each of our team members has their own strengths and capabilities. We enjoy sharing “What’s Currently Happening” issues, biographies and also oh! we simply love food. Who doesn’t right. It is not a surprise if you see us enjoying and reviewing our local delicacies and even sharing our personal recipes. We share what we do anything under the sun and moon. We sincerely hope our friends here love and enjoy what we are sharing.

Look out for our next posting on the 5th of feb 19! See ya!


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