A  marriage that they had held on for more than 10 years, crumbled down when both agreed that getting a divorce was the only way to save their relationship and their childrens’ well being.

Gone were the dating days when everything was so sweet and loving. No more comfort hugs. No more kisses.

What had happened to the lovable couple?

In every relationship, these 3Cs are important. They play a huge part in all relationship.



Communication is important in relationships. Healthy communication requires practice and hard work, however, communication will never be perfect all the time. Good relationships are built on trust, honesty, openness and mutual respect.


Commitment allows love and intimacy to mature over time. When both are genuine and love each other, commitment is necessary. Because in a relationship one trusts you and depends on you completely. So to keep their trust and to keep the relationship going and happy.


A healthy, good compromise is when change helps you to become more of your authentic best self for both yourself and your partner. Healthy compromise benefits both parties, enhancing each other’s authenticity, bringing the relationship closer. Talk to any couple and they’ll tell you that yes, compromise is part of a relationship.

If you feel that fixing your relationship is worth the time and you are both willing to put in the effort to make it work, then it certainly can be done. It’s all about teamwork, making each other feel loved, respected and adored.


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