The most unfortunate women are the ones who ended up with the wrong kind of men as their husband. Things took a 360 degree turn after marriage.

The once a responsible man who you fell in love with turned into the most laziest man on earth and expects you to provide him with all the worldly needs. The heroic man who fights for your rights turned into the man who physically abuse you. The sweet-talker guy who swept off your feet at first sight, turned into a monster who hurls vulgarities and humiliates you. The decent-looking man who said he accepts you for who you are, starts to demand you to be his ‘sex goddess’ to fulfil his sexual desires.

Many unfortunate women only discover the ultimate truth about their men after marriage.  The most ‘popular’ ones are:


  • Unable to provide the basic sustenance


  • Emotional  and mental abuser


  • Infidelity


  • Physical abuser


  • Addiction to explicit contents

However, the wrong choice made is not the end. Seek help from someone you can trust. A neutral party or a marriage counsellor might be able to help. The most important thing is do not suffer in silence.

Ladies, choose wisely. Your entire life depends on it. Don’t rush into things.
Rule number one for a lifetime happiness, love yourself.


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