Need to cook something delicious within 30mins? Fret not! Kapowww ChililMex Paste to the rescue! Tested and proven for busy adults whom prefer home cooked meal over packed dinner. It’s really easy and fuss free. The best part of it, you got to enjoy delicious piping hot home cooked meal every time.

Today’s Recipe : ChiliMex Sabsuka.
Ingredients :
4 Tbsp of melted Butter
1 onion diced
400g of Minced Beef
1 tsp of curry powder
2 green chili chopped
125g of Kapowww ChililMex Paste
1/2 cup of water
4 eggs
French Loaves as a side

Heat up 4 tbsp of the melted butter into the frying pan. Sauté the onions till fragrant, add in the green chillis for a moment and then put in the minced beef and cook the beef until the it’s cooked. Add in the curry powder,  together with Kapowww ChililMex Paste and mix them nicely till all the flavours are well combined. Add in some water to give the subsuka some gravy. You may want to fry the egg separately or poach the egg directly into the pan and cover it for few minutes. That’s it! Serve with toasted french loaves!
Enjoy our 30 minutes one dish meal.


KAPOWWW ChiliMex Paste by Chef Mel is a versatile chili paste that can be used for both  Asian & Mexican cooking.  It has :-
Cooking Method/Use:- Marinades, baking, grilling, stir fry, pan fry, basting, roasting, dips, sauce and gravy.
Serving/Recipes Ideas:- Pasta, Noodles, Spicy Roast Chicken, Baked Rice, Pizza, Burgers, Hot Wings, Steaks, Lamb Chops, Asian BBQ Ribs, Meatballs, Burrito, Chicken Stews, Sabsuka, Ikan Bakar, Udang Panggang.


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