Sweet treats that you can do with just 5 ingredients! A very easy recipe to do to enjoy with your loved ones.

5 ingredients Recipe:-
Few pieces of white bread
1/4 tsp Cinnamon Powder
4 tbsp Caster sugar (for dusting and decoration)
Cooking oil for frying
And LOADS OF Nutella!!!

Mix the cinnamon powder and caster sugar together.  Roll and flatten the bread to prevent excess oil from soaking the bread. Next put the Nutella onto the edge of the bread and roll it. Just dap some water at the edge of the roll to stick it to together. Then heat up the the oil in pan and fry it till golden brown. Drained excess oil from the fried bread on kitchen towels.  Finally dust some of the sugar cinnamon that you’ve made earlier on the fried Nutella bread and Enjoy!!


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