Why I produced “Cinta toyol pada Illahi”?

Many are asking if it’s a true story? Based on facts? Hmm…

Not really.

It is a fictional story acted by first time actors. Produced by me to show the society, the difficulty of a repented person. More often than not, they’re consistently being look down especially in our Malay – Muslim society. Much worse, if they’re heavily tattooed.

“Toyol” leading the once notoriously known secret society.

“Aisyah” being religiously devoted, detest the sight of “Toyol”.


These two main fictional characters, plays a major role representing our society.


Few things I would like to portray in this short drama:

– Appearances doesn’t prove one’s true character.

– Being religiously devoted isn’t one’s right to look down on others.

– Continue the struggle of change & stop listening to other’s opinions.


Hope above answers all the burning questions from “CTPI” fans.

Should 5Thumbs produce “Cinta Toyol Pada Illahi” part 2?

I want to hear your feedbacks, do DM or PM us. Thank you!


Meanwhile, here’s the bloopers video behind the scene.


Boy Ayis.



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