Please read if you are relying solely on social media to sell your products or services. Your business may need a boost to thrive online.

Here are 3 facts that you as a business owner should know:

  1. You have little control over your social media accounts: Imagine, you had spent thousands on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Plenty of hard work had been planned and done to get those highly interactive followers. You’ve been earning pretty profits from your business. But what if……. what if, tomorrow Instagram decide to shut down. Or Facebook decides to be gone with Facebook groups or shuts down any profiles with posts that sell. The likelihood of this happening may seem insignificant, but the fact is you are at the mercy of these networks.
  2. New social platforms are starting every day: Remember 10 years ago when social media was just starting to infiltrate the business world? Prior to then, it was all about personal relationships, nothing about business. Who knows what is going to be the next huge social media platform to jump on. Are you going to ride on that and spent more to learn and advertise on the new platform?
  3. Organic reach on social media is getting increasingly difficult: Most businesses have seen a decrease in organic reach on social media. It’s become a pay to play model and for small businesses paid advertising might not be in the budget. Besides paid advertising, you’ll spend hours to analyze what’s best for different social media platforms. In the end, you’ll end up not focusing on marketing your business. Your business will be at stake.

Experts say that the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your business’ well-being is to have a website to sell your products and services. You will not want to fall into the trap of not prioritizing having your very own website that you have complete control of it. A control to bloom your business – in your own ways.

Of course, nevertheless, in this digital era, it is a need to build your connections through social media. It is definitely better than to put all eggs in one basket. Do use social media to promote yourself or to network with other people, but you shouldn’t solely rely on it as your one platform.


Every business has stories to tell ..... stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And I am the conduit between business and consumer. Since 2007, I build stunning, responsive websites and creates effective marketing collaterals. I also conduct workshops on website building, teaching them on how to create their own business websites and contents, using the different tools available for them to help them in managing and marketing their own business online.

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