September 2019


Yes, Hararu Izakaya new Self Grill Beef Platter is a MUST TRY! When you order this platter, it comes with 4 types of juicy, tender beef slices and 3 condiments (Japanese sweet sauce, wasabi mix and salt). You will be seated at the rooftop area – al fresco style. Enjoy the breeze while devour the sweet juicy tender beef slices. To my surprise, the beef cooked to perfection on this clay grill pot. Not much smoke so you wont leave smelling like roasted beef. 🙂 Of course, this meal was perfected with the other side dishes. We opted for Hatote Soup – which is a Scallop & Clam soup. Perfect match!The soup is light and sweetens naturally by the fresh scallops and clams.  The udon is springy and perfectly blanched. Sprinkle some chili powder for those who need spiciness in their food. For me, it’s perfect as it is.…

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